Why join the Certum Reseller Program

  • Flexible, competitive and ALWAYS negotiable prices!
  • Free to join,
  • 30 days money back guarantee,
  • Free demo products,
  • Financial guarantee,
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Dedicated account management team
  • Application Programming Interface – API
  • White-label solution – sell our SSL certificates under your own brand
  • Access to plugins: WHMCS, ODIN, cPanel, Parallels Plesk Panel Linux, DirectAdmin, WHMCS using tokens

Partnership models

Each partner finds his own way to run a business, that is why we offer varied sales and billing models. Alltogether, that creates a unique partnership model.

Each model enable sales and management of certificates directly from partner’s platform or dedicated e-commerce system. Resell is executed with API (Application Programming Interface).

Billing model:

  • Pay-as-you-go – partner pays for each issued certificate. No advance payment is required.
  • Flat fee – partner pays defined yearly quote and resells certificates without a limit.
  • Package – partner pays for a defined package of certificates with a dedicated price offer
  • Deposit - partner pays specific amount in advance and it is valid for one year from the moment of signing the contract and its amount it can be used for future orders



SSL Certificates IMG

SSL Certificates

SSL/TLS is a security protocol which allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers and login credentials to be transmitted securely. SSL certificate confirm the reliability of websites.

  • Validity terms: 1,2 years
  • SSL types: DV, OV, EV
  • SSL options: Multi Domain and Wildcard
  • EV SSL with LEI number
ID Certificates IMG

ID Certificates/SMIME

ID Certificate secures emails and documents and helps to authenticate users to online services.

  • Individual and Business E-mail ID
  • Sign Digitally emails and documents
  • Emails Encryption
  • Authentication who logs into website
  • Possible installation in HSM type devices
  • Owners’ details on certificate : email, first name and surname, company details or only company name.
  • Validity terms: 1,2,3 years
ID Certificates IMG

Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing certificates are designed for software authors and developers. They enable application authors to digitally sign the original code, and recipients to verify its authenticity.

  • Standard Code Signing and EV Code Signing in the Cloud
  • Sign many files types for example: .exe, .cab,.dll, .msi, .msp, VBA, Java, .ocx,
  • Sign codes, applications, drivers for Windows 32 and 64-bit systems in Kernel Mode
  • Trusted by all major operating systems
  • Technology of Microsoft Authenticode
  • Validity terms: 1,2,3 years
E-Signature IMG


E-signature allows you to sign your documents digitally. Your recipients will receive a clear notice that they are dealing with a reliable document signed with a secure electronic signature

  • personal e-signature
  • validity and legal force = handwritten signature

Compliance with the eIDAS Regulation*

WebNotarius IMG


WebNotarius is a modern and truly convenient method of authentication of certificates and verification of thevalidity of electronic signatures.

  • enables the verification of electronically signed documents
  • enables the authentication of certificates

Compliance with the eIDAS Regulation*

ID Certificates IMG

Time stamp

Documents with a Time Stamp (e.g. invoices or motions) are secured against forgery or backdating. Therefore, they are 100% credible for all companies, institutions, offices and private individuals.

  • a label attached to an e-document or application
  • pinpoints the actual date of its preparation or signing

Compliance with the eIDAS Regulation*

*eIDAS - a regulation of the European Parlament intended to remove barriers in applying methods of electronic identification. It is a solution addressed to citizens, entrepreneurs aw well as public administration bodies. Its aim is to harmonize the principles of Electronic Identification (e-ID) in the field of electronic services.

About Us

Certum Certification Authority

Certum is the largest and the longest established Certificate Authority in Poland. As a part of Asseco group, one of the leading software vendors in Europe, we have strong foundations to provide high quality internet security and identity authentication services and products. We issue wide range of security certificates.

Certum’s Reseller Program provides an exceptional opportunity to expand your business by adding our products into your portfolio. Our dedicated Reseller Program is aimed to meet the expactations of hosting companies, e-commerce companies and resellers.

Why Certum ?

  • Free Application Programming Interface (API)
  • plug-in: WHMCS, ODIN, cPanel, Parallels Plesk Panel Linux, DirectAdmin, WHMCS using tokens
  • European CA
  • Marketing support

  • Free Technical Support
  • Conferences for our partners
  • Partner as a Registration Authority
  • Dedicated consultant


Contact Us

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